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Friday, November 25, 2011

The Difference Between The Original Perfumes And Branded

More and more female likes to sit at home and enjoy the fun of online shopping, but online buy perfume, is not so easy to Oh, so many of the original Internet brand perfume, how to tell if you have doubts, here’ a look at the poster wangbian series give you some identification and reference the original brand perfume, Tip's :- 

  •  Net acquisition of perfume to care
Currently on the market, in particular, online purchase of perfume, often you can see the written words of gangban perfume. This kind of perfume packaging and original perfume almost exactly the same. Prices are much cheaper, and sometimes and a difference of 10 times the original price. Get Chanel (Chanel) perfume, genuine 50ml to 500 Yuan, and the so-called gangban of forty Yuan to buy.
The so-called gangban, in fact, the domestic phishing. Both in the quality of the great difference.
  • Difference between a genuine and fake brand perfume
Perfume is the main could smell scent, scent of gangban and certificated in itself is not the same. Because of the cheap, counterfeit perfume of spices, natural and genuine no comparison. For perfume that everybody can hear things I suggest or original is better. Commonly used perfume person you will be able to smell bad.
  • Genuine brand perfume is the difference between two
It is the biggest difference is the length of fragrance. Used the original brand perfume MM are aware, the original perfume\’s fragrance long, Minolta a week or more, clothes drop a drop, as long as the clothes not washed, always smell subtle fragrance. So the product edition perfume in addition to the flavor, smell, taste in front, behind taste can be divided, each phase does not have the same odor, each have their own charm. But sometimes describes gangban perfume fragrance time from one to two days, in fact, up to several hours. Oh, never before 20 minutes is what flavor, last minutes is what flavour from this point of view, the high price of original perfume is not absolute.
The perfume is like, so the gap brand perfume and know some. Here are some tell like original perfume of MM.
  • Original brand perfume packaging are affixed with a white label
1. original brand perfume packaging will have a white label, written Chinese, mainly imported batch number, brand vendors, and content expiration. (Customs seized except for original perfume, that is not the export batch number. )
CIQ \”label\” is the brand perfume of ID card
2. box also has a label of \”CIQ\”, this is brand perfume of ID cards.


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