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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tips Perfume To Tricks For Maximum Staying Power

People often wonder how to make their perfume last longer. I am a lover of perfume and Coco Chanel didn't respect women who went without it. Here are some of my tips to make your scent last the distance...
  • The areas that perfume will linger longest are, inside the wrists and elbows, collar bone, nape of the neck, behind the knees and at the naval.
  • Use the same scented shower gel and body lotion as your perfume to layer the scent.
  • Spray perfume onto scarves, and jackets (not silk ones of course).
  • Carry an atomiser in your handbag to freshen up during the day.
  • You can get away with more perfume in the evening if you are going to be in a crowded place. For the day, a lighter scent is usually better. In the summer opt for alcohol free if possible as the sun can change the scent of perfumes with alcohol.
  • If you are sensitive to perfumes, again, choose an alcohol free perfume which is less likely to irritate.
  • Put jewellery on after you have sprayed your perfume, certain stones and metals are affected by the alcohol in perfumes. No one wants their Swarovski crystals to turn green!
Don't bin a fragrance that you don't wear or that doesn't match you personality. I use mine as room sprays.


Cikgu Jaja™ said...

perfume's always be in my handbag~

owhh...barang kemas pon boleh affected dgn perfume ek..br tahu.. tq

Muhamad Zulkarnain said...

Cikgu Jaja™ :benda ni semua dapat dari maklumat NASA...so belive orait :-)

blog-tips-kurus said...

atomiser tu camne?

*yg reject memang buat sembur umah je. :-)

Muhamad Zulkarnain said...

blog-tips-kurus :h tau x per...tq komen ia :-)

simanis said...

saya tak pakai minyak wangi...percaya tak??? memang saya tak suka...

Muhamad Zulkarnain said...

simanis :iaiaiaia saya percaya :-)

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